A sexy and robust link in bio toolkit.

Your Bio Link now drives engagement & helps you sell more.
Passive income that you promote every time you post

Show and Sell from the link in your bio

Activate your social media audience and gamify how you sell your work.

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A wireframed image showing a shopping cart, analytics icons, payment processing icons and an example of a Floggy Bio link where the user has auctions open and items in their webshop

Auction anything: originals, special editions, experiences

When you've worked as hard as you have to build up an interested audience you'd be pleasantly surprised with the items and experiences that your fans will be

Sell originals, prints & merch. Its all in the link

When your followers click the link in any of your social media bio's, they see your sellable items prioritized and can buy immediately. Use our integrated merch dropship tool to add your designs to merch and ship globally.

Webshop & Auctions

Originals + Signed Prints + Merch

Basik auctions off sketches of his murals alongside beautiful prints for some one of a kind collectibles and uses the webshop for prints and merch.

Webshop & Auctions

Photographers: Signed Originals

Originals, prints, old equipment. Photographers like Rui Aguiar have fans that are always keen on bidding or buying fascinating photos to adorn their home with

Webshop + Auction

Musicians: Meet & Greets + Merch

Juani Mustard sells vinyls & merch and auctions off set lists and meet and greets while on tour in Europe