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Floggy charges fees for every transaction that occurs on the platform. The fee structure is split between the Seller and the Buyer
Seller Fee: 10%
Buyer Fee: 3.5%

Buying: How do I bid?

- When you click on an auction link, it will take you to the link in bio page of the creator.
- You can see all the current auctions a creator is running at the moment.
- Click on one of the auction cards to open the auction page.
- You can now click log in to bid

- When you click log in to bid you will see a pop up.
- Fill in your e-mail and hit send.
- Floggy will send you a secure log in link
- Clicking the log in button will take you back to the Floggy auction page

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are the exclusive responsibility of the seller. We offer a shipping estimation tool but recommend all sellers contact local shipping companies to understand what their shipping rates look like for the sorts of items they offer.
Shipping costs are added to the cost of the item that is purchased, though. Once an item is purchased, the seller will calculate the cost of an item that needs to be shipped and add it to the cost of the item, the buyer will then confirm the fee and this way, creators will not have to cover the cost of shipping.

What social media platforms does Floggy work on?

Most major social media platforms allow users to post links in various ways. However, the specific features and rules for posting links may change over time. Here are some common social media platforms and their policies regarding posting links:

Instagram: In your bio, you can include one link (commonly referred to as the "link in bio"). You can also share links in Instagram Stories, but this feature is usually limited to accounts with a certain number of followers or verification.
TikTok: Links are not typically included in captions or comments, but you can add a clickable link to your TikTok profile if you meet certain criteria.
YouTube: You can add links to your bio/description so your fans can know exactly where to go to buy from your shop, bid on a piece you've been creating, or just to find out more about the links you share.
Snapchat: While not as link-friendly as other platforms, you can include links in Snapchat Stories or through the "swipe up" feature in Stories, often available to verified or high-profile accounts.
Facebook: You can post links in your status updates, comments, and private messages. However, Facebook may limit the reach of external links in some cases to combat spam.
Twitter: You can include links in your tweets. Twitter automatically shortens URLs to save character space.
LinkedIn: You can post links in your status updates, articles, and comments. LinkedIn encourages sharing articles and external content.
Pinterest: Links are commonly used on Pinterest. You can save pins that link to external websites.
Tumblr: Links can be included in your posts and reblogs on Tumblr.YouTube: In video descriptions and comments, you can add links to external websites or other videos.
Reddit: Links are a fundamental part of Reddit. You can share links in posts and comments on various subreddits.
WhatsApp: You can share links in WhatsApp chats and groups. WhatsApp also supports clickable links.
Telegram: Telegram allows you to share links in chats and groups. You can even create invite links to join public or private groups.

Please note that social media platforms frequently update their features and policies, so it's essential to check the specific guidelines of each platform if you have questions about link sharing or to ensure you are following their terms of service.

Don't want to ship? Set your item to "Pick up only"

If you don't want to ship your item, no worries. When you're listing your item, select "Pick up ONLY" this means you won't have an option to ship the item.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to communicate that your listing is for pick up only so buyers understand that they need to be able to get close to you, your shop, or where ever you want to hand them the piece.

Save draft

You can prepare items without having to publish them for the world to see by creating a draft. To do this you follow the same process as you would listing any item, when you're ready to save, select "Save Draft".

This will save your item into your Drafts tab in the menu.
When do I get paid?

Payment occurs 3-7 days after an item is received by the buyer (this means they need to mark it received).

When an item is sold,  the buyer needs to click the "received" button in their messages tab in the menu. This is in the same message thread that is opened when a sale is made.

Buyers will receive emails from Floggy prompting them to mark the item as 'received', but to be sure,  we recommend that sellers to communicate to the buyer that they need to confirm reception of the item. If the buyer doesn't mark it confirmed, we will release funds after 10 business days of the transaction.

How does an auction work?

Auctions are a great way for sellers to get a potentially maximized value for their work.

With Floggy, setting up an auction is simple

Register and create your profile and public page (Bio Link).
Create a listing by clicking (Add Item) in the dashboard
Add the name of your item or service, a description, some images, some shipping estimations
In the Pricing section of the listing, select "Auction with bidding". You can now establish an Opening bid, a reserve price/minimum (optional), and a buy it now price (optional).
Select a duration for your auction and then get promoting.

Share your bio link on your social media profiles and promote the pieces you're auctioning so all your adoring followers and fans can have a chance to bid and own one of your creations.

I'm not sure if Floggy is right for me...

If you are a creator, a brand, a small or medium sized business that promotes yourself through social media by making content, or posting about deals and opportunities and you sell online (or even if you dont, but you want to) then Floggy works great as a tool to give you a digital business card (Bio Link), promote and sell items (webshop / giveaways), or hold auctions for products and services.

We currently have users with the following profiles:

Consumer Brands
Consumer Services Companies
Digital Content Creators
Service Providers

Our users sell products, services, subscriptions, meet and greets, and use Floggy to simplify things like auctions, raffles, giveaways.


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